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Clan Wars competition has ended. Results will be announced soon.

How does Clan Wars work?

• Entry: Join the war for just $10.

• Get assigned randomly post-payment into one of four clans to compete.

• Reward Pool: Grab a share of $10,000 in OP plus all entry fees!

• The clan with the highest Profit and Loss (PnL) seizes victory.

○ 30% of the loot will be split equally among all winning clan members.

○ 70% distributed based on your PnL contribution.

• Clan Wars ends on Jan 30 2024, 1:00 PM UTC

• Minimum of $10,000 in trading volume is required to qualify for rewards.

• Each participant will be assigned a role on discord based on their clan.

• Strategize with your clanmates in exclusive group chats on our Discord.

• Polynomial team holds the helm – rules are subject to change.

• Need help? Wave us down on Discord!


• How is the clan assignment done?

Clan assignments are completely random to ensure fair play. Once you're in, your clan becomes your team for the entire competition.

• What if I'm new to trading?

No worries! Clan Wars is about teamwork. Collaborate, learn from clanmates, and enjoy the ride.

• How is the prize pool calculated?

The base is a pool $10,000 in OP, plus every $10 entry fee from traders gets added to the bounty!

• Can I switch clans?

Clans are final once assigned. It's part of the challenge!

• What if my clan doesn't win?

Every war has its heroes. Keep trading, learning, and preparing for the next battle!

• Where can I track the progress of my clan?

The leaderboard above provides live updates on who's leading and who's losing.